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The Students 2022

Meet the 4th intake of the EMOTION master!

We've come from all over the world to live this experience together and we are exited to share it with you...


Hello everyone! I'm Saule, I was born on September 27, 1999, in Italy.


After I graduated in Chemistry and Chemical Technologies from the University of Torino, I decided to follow my greatest passion in life - cosmetics and makeup!.. The program represents for me the perfect combination of my personal interests and all the scientific subjects that I love and would bring me closer to a career on the cosmetic field.  

I would describe myself as more of an introverted than an extroverted person. I have no issue socialising in small groups, but with this master, I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and use this opportunity to travel and meet people from all over the world.


Beside my enthusiasm for cosmetics, I am really keen on fashion, history and crime shows. If I should give a title to my hobbies, it would be "House of Gucci". This movie showcases every topic I am really fascinated about.


Ana Maria

Hi everyone! I’m Ana, from Spain and I was born on September 14th in 1999. 

After finishing high school, I realized that I wanted to dedicate myself to help others improve both their well-being and their quality of life and that is why I decided to venture into science, starting my bachelor’s degree in biochemistry in 2017 and graduating in 2021.

I believe EMOTION will provide us with the necessary skills and tools to face a future career allowing us to meet a great number of professionals and experts in the field of Cosmetic and Dermatological Sciences.

Beyond studies, I am a foodie and wanderlust person who loves sports, specially basketball, which I played for several years and which taught me so much about team-work and the value of effort to achieve your dreams. If I had to define myself in 4 words they would be vibrant, empathetic, loyal and transparent. 


PS: Be ready to work hard but don´t forget that we are still young. Beyond books, tubes and pipettes there is a life to live. Time and life fly by. So, I hope, that even though “Spanish tapas” are not available in Novara, you enjoy “il Aperitivo Italiano”. It will drive you crazy, Promise!!!


Hello everybody! My name is Nicole. I was born in the capital city of Ecuador, Quito, also know as the Middle of the World City.


In 2015 I moved to the UK to pursue my studies in Neuroscience and discovered my passion for pharmaceuticals and neurocosmetics along the way. Upon graduation, I worked in the field of Neuromarketing and neuroepidemiology in Ecuador. Then moved to Germany as a volunteer to learn the language.


I consider myself a cosmopolitan and open-minded person. I love experiencing the world in many different ways, trying exotic food and wine, discovering new music, and learning languages. My motto in life is “use every opportunity to learn something new about yourself”, self knowledge will be the most powerful tool you can have to achieve every dream you deem possible.


I can’t wait to make the most of the international and challenging environment EMOTION offers…



Megan, 23, I was born in Mangalore, India. I grew up in Qatar and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy in 2021 from Manipal Academy of Higher Education during which I was awarded with a scholarship for Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry. I have experience working in both clinical pharmacy and as a regulatory affairs trainee in Cipla Ltd. where I worked in the market authorisation of drugs for the European Market. 


My goal is to apply the experiences and knowledge gained throughout my studies as a pharmacist to the ever-developing field of dermatology with a more focused eye on skin of color to create products that are innovative and of need in today's day and age. 


Pronouns: She/Her

level of introvert/extrovert attitude: Introvert (MBTI Personality: INFJ) 


Three words to describe her: Driven, Determined, Resourceful 


I was born in Quito – Ecuador. I graduated in chemical engineering from the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, after which I had the opportunity to do an internship in a gold mine in El Oro, a province from the south of Ecuador, where I first realised about the pollution problem in our planet.


This led me to found ECOTERRA in 2018, a startup company which produces biodegradable household cleansers. It aims to encourage the consumption of some daily products with plant-based formulations. My plans for the future are to implement a new production line for cosmetic products but with an ecological and bio-component.


For me EMOTION represents an essential part of his professional future as it offers all the knowledge I need to expand my personal and business horizons.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-12 at 16.50.50.jpeg


¡Hola! I’m Jennifer Hernández, I was born in El Salvador, a beautiful country surrounded by beaches and volcanoes. I’m a pet lover, anime and manga fan.

I’m two people...

I’m the child who a lost a father at 6, and whose pregnant mother couldn’t afford many things. A child which dream was to be a scientist and discover new things. I’m the kid who overcame many difficulties, including working part time jobs, while studying her chemical engineering degree. But I’m also a Chemical Engineer who worked in the painting industry, discovering my passion for formulations and had the opportunity to learn about additives, pigments, etc. 


I’m simply a mix of both.

I’m in EMOTION to integrate research, chemical formulation and skin health, I’m happy to be part of this adventure, ready to give my very best.


Oi, pessoal! I’m Eveline from Paraíba, Brazil. I’m a biotechnologist and also an ambivert. I’ve been around since 1998, loving hugs and talking  (topics ranging from socio-political issues to our good old neighborhood gossip). 

Unfortunately, my social battery is also very low and I need considerable amounts of time alone, accompanied by music, novels, or mangas and, of course, goofy memes on the internet, I’m all about goofy humor. And I enjoy these moments just as much. I LOVE freedom, and unconsciously I’m always looking for it in every decision I make. I like the possibility of impacting lives, creating, and changing. 

I believe the EMOTION master's will help me apply my ideals in my career, using my creativity to make high-quality cosmetics more accessible and inclusive, and will allow me to grow as a person, meeting people from all over the world, all different and fascinating in their own ways.


Have you ever crossed paths with an unshakable stubborn who made you want to smack him in the face ?! I bet you did because I know one myself which is me. I'm a stubborn polymath who’s definitely fed up with trying to fit into one realm. Although I'm a 27 years old Moroccan pharmacist who was supposed to follow the natural path as any other pharmacist, I worked as an account manager with an e-commerce Danish startup and dabbled with finance and branding, and now I am an EMOTION student. See! I told you I can't stick with one field !

EMOTION will give me the right scientific and entrepreneurial knowledge to shape my own profile because as someone with business acumen, I aim to use my inquisitive research spirit to develop circular dermatological therapies and build a bootstrapped startup that revolves around them.


Most of the time, I'm an active wantrepreneur but I detach through roller skating, swimming, and reading Colleen Hoover books somewhere alone. I happen to be an extrovert who talks a bit too much to basically anyone anywhere, but I also cherish the times when I'm alone by the end of the day because that's when I'm more reflective about myself. I enjoy making new friends because I believe everyone has something special to offer whether it's an experience or a skill. I live and abide by the motto: dream big and aim high. You can definitely do it...


A passionate dancer obsessed with cosmetics, I am a certified pharmacist from India who takes pride in her own skin while relishing dancing and binging on cliche Bollywood movies and hogging ice-creams. From a very early age, I had seen my mother prepare herbal oils and ointments for skin and hair, which fascinated me.

During my undergraduation in pharmacy, I got an opportunity to prepare lipsticks and eyeshadows which further fuelled my curiosity towards this field. Dancing has always been my hobby because one day, this introvert girl climbed up a dance stage and returned with a sense of confidence that she always wanted. It was my expressions that gave me this confidence and COSMETICS, further, underlined them.


While searching for further educational avenues, I came across EMOTION and the course content struck a deep chord and resonated with my emotions. For me, EMOTION is not only an amalgamation of my obsession with cosmetics but also gives me an opportunity to develop customised cosmetic products to help everyone feel confident in their own skin, while exploring new places and interacting with people from across the world.

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Heyyo! I’m Irem from Cappadocia, Turkiye. Yes yes, it’s the balloon and the cave place.

That’s where you should visit!


I was born on the 6th of January but my birthday has always been in the final exam period or the Christmas holiday so the universe owes me an enormous birthday party! Maybe that is the reason why I cannot get enough of parties. Actually, I got used to them in my delightful Czech Republic. I did my first Erasmus exchange in Brno, CZ. That’s where all my life changed. It’s my second home, the place that healed me. Shall I stop being dramatic now? I decided to do one more Erasmus in Brno again. And another Erasmus, in Zagreb. You can call me Ms.Erasmus.


Since we talk about abroad, I love traveling as you can imagine. But, the way that I travel might sounds slightly dangerous. I like spontaneous things and mostly I’m broke so I know every single McDonald’s close to train stations in Europe because probably I slept there:) I have tons of stories to make people laugh. We can talk about all when we have our aperitivo. And who knows maybe I might play some saxophone right after having all the pizzas in a minute


Xin chào! My name is Cẩm Vân - a colorful cloud ☁️ from Vietnam. I was born on Nov 16th, 1995, in a small seaside city.


After graduating from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, I worked as a Community Pharmacist in my hometown for two years. I am truly grateful to be a part of the EMOTION family - an inspiring & motivated multicultural community. My goal is to combine my knowledge and what I will learn from EMOTION & translate it into entrepreneurship to enhance people’s quality of life.


My friends picture me as an extrovert because whenever I am with them, I’m energetic & vibrant. The truth is, I am an introvert. I like my alone time, wandering, cuddling my cats & taking film photos. When I am genuinely comfortable around you, you can see the best of me!!! Yayyy

Salomé Felix.jpeg


Olá! My name is Salomé, and I was born in Coimbra (Portugal), in 2001.


Before coming to Italy to pursue the EMOTION Master, I graduated from my Batchelor’s degree in Biomedical Pharmacy, in the city where I was born. When I was young, I was always trying to create “D.I.Y.” cosmetics, so this area has always been fascinating to me. I also love to learn about new cultures and new languages. Therefore, I am so grateful for joining this program since it combines so many of my passions! I am hoping to learn about the cosmetics field as a whole, from the beginning to the end of the production of a new product. I would like to work in the clinical field, and help new products reach the market.

Besides the academic life, I love to take up new hobbies (like sewing and music), learn new languages, and make new friends. I would consider myself in-between an introvert and an extrovert, because I need people to feel fulfilled, but I also need time to read a book and be alone to be able to recharge. If my friends want to see me happy, they know I love a good conversation in a coffee shop or a long walk in nature! One of my mottos is: for a fulfilling life, the most important thing is to fight for what we believe is right.


Introvert/extrovert level: Introvert disguised as extrovert

¡Hola! I’m Melisa, a Chemical & Food Industries Engineer and I was born in the beautiful but chaotic Bogotá, Colombia. Being raised in this country full of contrasts made me passionate about dancing, nature and obviously, cultural diversity! My experiences range from working as a R&D laboratory assistant in the domain of antioxidants in France (et voilà!) to being an associate professor in food engineering at a university in my home country, where I got to teach the best students ever. Thus, pursuing the EMOTION master has been an incredible experience as I get to finally connect my interests in food and well-being with translational research and well, make some friends along the way!

I love expressing myself through fashion, writing, photography and many more. Probably, you’ll always find me listening to some great music but also practicing yoga. If you read till this point, I want to tell you that being curious is great no matter what age you are so you’ll have enough time to start anew and try new stuff (even if it is pole dance)! 



Hi! My name is Erika and I was born in 1997 in Quito, the capital of Ecuador.


I studied Chemical Engineering at Universidad San Francisco de Quito and since I graduated, I have been involved in the R&D department of the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, I have participated in different workshops and courses regarding cosmetic formulation that have increased my experience and triggered my eagerness to learn more about this research area. While following this professional pathway, my inquisitive mind and entrepreneurial spirit encouraged me to create Piurité, my brand of cosmetics.


I am extremely happy to be part of EMOTION because this program will give me a wide perspective of the field that I’m passionate about and it will boost my knowledge to create innovative and functional cosmetic products. Also, I can´t wait to share unforgettable experiences with amazing people from all around the world.


Besides my passion for researching, I enjoy traveling, watercolor painting and spending time with my beloved ones.


Hi! I’m Şeymanur from Türkiye. I studied Bachelor’s in Pharmacy; worked as a responsible pharmacist at a private hospital; subsequently, got promoted to the Health Ministry of Türkiye where I specialized in Orphan Medicines of Pediatric Neurology.


Since I love pushing my boundaries beyond my comfort zone, I decided to pursue an academic career in a Master’s abroad. EMOTION is a remarkable program in that not I only will be able to learn and thrive from an academic point of view but also travel and discover cultures and languages, which I have always wished for. As for myself, even though I enjoy socialising, I usually hang out on my own. Lastly, I embrace a healthy lifestyle in many aspects and try to find reasons to be grateful for it.



Hi! I’m Mariam. I was born in 1999 and I come from Tbilisi, Georgia. In 2021 I obtained a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences. During my last year of studies, I joined a clinical laboratory and worked as a lab technician for 2 years. I did my bachelor’s thesis in Behavioral Biology working with animal models.

Cosmetic Science and Formulation have always been an interest of mine. By Joining EMOTION master, I am able to combine my passion for skincare and research to further deepen my knowledge in many areas of study. 

Apart from science, my passions include traveling, meeting new people, painting and of course cosmetics!


Xin chào! Binh is my name, and I was born in November 1999 (true Scorpion vibe here guys). I graduated from Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology as Valedictorian, majoring in chemical Engineering. I am a human-centric, raccoon-loving, sitcom-obsessed cosmetic enthusiast.

I have always aspired to establish an innovative clinical-based cosmetic brand in Vietnam. That and my perpetual thirst for learning heartened me to pursue EMOTION. Integrating the EMOTION science community and the high-quality human resource in Vietnam is what I have always aimed to accomplish.

About me: I am a huge fan of jazz, home-cooked beef stew, and sashimi; and I can binge watch movies all day long.

[Binh Nguyen] - Profile Picture updated.jpg
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My name is Estefania (You can call me Fany) and I am from Mexico.


I studied a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology Engineering and after graduating from the university I worked for more than 4 years in the field of Clinical Research at a multinational CRO, first as a Clinical Project Assistant and then as an Import-Export Specialist for the Latin America region. Now, my main goal is to contribute to the development and application of better strategies in clinical trials and thus be able to help more people from my country and around the globe. Even though I have already some experience in the field, I know that I still have a lot to learn about drug development and this is why the EMOTION master fits as the perfect next step in my career.


But not everything is work! Apart from my professional goals, I have many personal interests such as traveling, singing, playing the ukulele, dancing salsa and any Latin rhythms, reading romantic novels, and learning new languages.


Xin chào! I’m Luc, a 27-year-old plastic surgeon from Vietnam.

After getting my Doctor of Medicine degree, I spent 3 months just to think about which speciality to pursue. Eventually, I went with plastic and cosmetic surgery, an adventurous choice. 2 years working as a plastic surgeon has made me realize how important skin care will become in the future. And being an ambitious person, I want to open my own all-in-one beauty center, which offers a wide range of services from basic skin care to complicated cosmetic surgeries. I am also a workaholic, spending the rest of my free time running Luketeam – one of the biggest online interpreter centers in Vietnam, which really puts my business and management skills to a test.

But it doesn’t end there. As a son of Thai Nguyen – the land of green tea, I endeavor to enhance its value by developing new natural cosmetics based on green tea extract. With all these dreams in the making, I find myself lacking in several translational skills, and the EMOTION Master came just in time, a comprehensive course that gives me just what I need.


Hi! I'm Bea from the Philippines. Early on, I had problems with my skin such as cystic acne and dermatitis. This started my interest in skin care and cosmetics to help enhance my features, love my imperfections, and most of all gain confidence in myself.


With my background in Biochemistry and Chemistry, my goal is to pursue a career in research & development to discover and create innovative new products to make people confidently beautiful in their own skin. In the last few years, I’ve worked for multi-national companies - as a quality analyst for cosmetics manufacturing and as a local evaluator for a Fragrance house. This deepened my fascination with cosmetics, especially with products focusing on colours and fragrances.


The EMOTION Masters can help me achieve my dream of creating my own cosmetics line by having a more research-based understanding of the skin and how cosmetic products work. Aside from this, I also love to travel, eat, and enjoy new cultures!


Hi Everyone,I am Vanshikha from India.  I would categorise myself as ambitious,determined and a versatile person undeniably restless at times. One of those freaks obsessed with sci-fyi and classical Jane Austen stuff.

Although I am a pharmacist by profession but I aspire to be a researcher to help bring nano medicines and nanocosmetics for translational use someday. My thesis during my undergraduate studies was primarily focused upon Nanoparticles and microneedles and I later, went onto work upon hydrogel and their use against onychomycosis and skin infection. This was the first instance that seeded my interest in cosmeceuticals. During my studies I worked for a start up where my role as a researcher involved in silicon designing, synthesising and further validating the molecule using their AI tool, I also interned as a clinical data analyst at Parexel which provided me a larger perspective on how the clinical trials were performed and the failures associated with it at the very lower scale. 


I love reading, writing, socialising and gaining new experiences everyday or as Jane Austen would say” if adventure does not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad”. So, while I was trying to build something on my past and present experiences I came along the EMOTION program and it felt like the best suited career path for me. A masters program full of diversity from different backgrounds and nationalities. Undoubtedly this would be an experience of a lifetime and so I will make it count!


Hi, my name is Nour i’m a pharmacist i graduated in 2021 from the university of oran 1 ahmed ben bella.  Health and science have always been part of my interests since I was young.  

I describe my self as a very simple person who finds joy in little things such as spending  quality time with family (including  my cats) or talking to a real friend.I  am passionate about history and art. I enjoy learning new languages, discovering new places and that’s why I’m really grateful for joining EMOTION and be part of such an amazing multicultural community. 

 Last i would like to say that i  trully believe in the power of  individuals in changing the world and just as Pierre Rabhi one of my biggest inspiritions in life once said "if everyone did the little he could with conviction and responsibility I assure you that we will do a lot"  


Ciao! I am Fotinì. I was born in Greece in 1997. I remember myself wondering how I could improve the world around me since the age of 12. Up to the age of 18, I had no idea what I wanted to do in life or what to study. 


After getting admitted into aesthetics and cosmetology, everything started falling into place! I found my passion for skincare and cosmoceuticals and I started producing my own cosmoceuticals for three crazy but fulfilling years! This journey finally made me feel that I belong somewhere, since I got to improve many people's lives by improving their skin's health.


Long story short, finding the EMOTION master was the perfect fit for my life's puzzle and it will be the stepping stone towards creating my own sustainable and vegan brand. 


If there is anything worth keeping from my story, it's: Don't change yourself in order to fit in. Stay faithful to what resonates with you and add your own unique flavor to this world!


Hey there! Namaste! I am Shambhavi Ranade from India. I have graduated as a Pharmacist from India.

My studies covered a wide range of subjects that inspired me, but the topics related to cosmetic sciences always intrigued me. Throughout my Bachelor's degree, I participated in various competitions that exposed me to how the real world operates and taught me what I needed to know to contribute to the health sector. I love to keep myself updated with the new technologies in the market which help to cure diseases. When I studied cosmetic sciences, I was very excited to prepare the cosmetic products and while doing this I had developed interest in knowing in detail the ingredients used, their side effects, their roles etc.

During my studies, I traveled to Japan to see my sister. Through this experience I not only got to comprehend and get inspired by the life style of this country but I also had the wonderful opportunity to learn we could make our own lipsticks!. After this trip I became more aware of what is good and bad for my skin, I conducted extensive research on what suits my skin and studied the diet and lifestyle factors that affected my skin's health. All of these incidents compelled me to adhere to skincare routines, and I was astounded by their positive effects on my skin.

Following my Bachelor's degree, I worked as a data analyst for Cognizant in the Pharma IT sector. This job provided me with in-depth knowledge of the Pharmacovigilance sector. I not only enhanced my pharmaceutical skills, but I also discovered about various software and how the corporate world operates.


I always had ambition to do masters and when I got to know about EMOTION master program, I knew this was the one for me. By doing this master’s I am going to strengthen my knowledge regarding cosmetics and skincare. I really can’t wait to explore this new vast and beautiful world of the cosmetic industry and follow my dreams working towards achieving my goals :)


My name is Antonia Koštić, and I completed my Masters in 'Sciences in Pharmacy' at the University of Split, Croatia. As a very creative, ambitious and goal-driven person, I would like to work as a Cosmetic Formulator or Research and Development Specialist. 

To be one step closer, I accepted the opportunity to study in the interdisciplinary and multicultural environment at the Emotion Master where I am in the frontier of the newest innovations and discoveries in the field of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Being very curious and interested in cosmetic, I like to read and write scientific articles.


My second passion is dance and I've been dancing since I was 3 years old. Also, I live healthy life style and enjoy cooking. In the end, I believe that every person needs to follow the light that comes from within- passion and dream, so do  not hesitate.

Image for student blog.jpeg

My pronouns are she/her/hers

Behavior: I am an ambivert

Namaste!! I am Shital Bhanushali from India, the land of immense traditional knowledge in Cosmetics. To connect this knowledge with modern-world expertise, I completed my Bachelor’s in Microbiology and Master’s in Life Sciences from the University of Mumbai. Professionally, I have an interdisciplinary research background in biotechnology and in science communication.

As an Erasmus Mundus (EMJMD) scholar at EMOTION, I aspire to establish myself as a voice in “Cosmetic Communication” for skin health and well-being.


Hi.. I'm Hiya, from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I graduated from Brac University. I'm a science enthusiast and a writer. When not busy, I can be found in my den playing sudoku.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-12 at 00.43.22.jpeg

Hey there! My name is Prerna, and I am a Biotechnologist from India.


Both my parents are doctors, which I believe has highly contributed to the path I have chosen in my life. I always had a love for cosmetics, but my interest skyrocketed once I started to understand and care for my skin. I chose to pursue the EMOTION Master to deepen my knowledge in research and innovation pertaining to the development of cosmetics and skincare products.


I am motivated by leading a peaceful existence and hope that I can contribute to bettering the quality of life of others too. I enjoy going to the gym and find solace in music, sunsets, and the ocean.


Ciao! My name is Igboabuchukwu Sandra Oluchi, a Nigerian trained pharmacist with varying experience that spans from community, hospital practice and cosmetic industry.


Working in different field of the profession made me identify the need for personalised skin products to promotes skin health through science-based evidence. This experience made me realise that caring for the skin can be more than cosmetic but the well-being of the skin. I decided to pursue a master's degree in EMOTION which for me is an opportunity to merge my knowledge as pharmacist and a future skin care chemist through its exposure.


Asides skin and drugs, I love meeting new people, learning new culture and travelling. 

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WhatsApp Image 2023-10-13 at 11.17.14.jpeg

My name is Nasyaya Ulva. I love my family, and also my cats.

I graduated from Syiah Kuala University in Indonesia with a degree in Pharmacy. After graduation, I worked as a pharmacist in a local hospital.  


During the pandemic, I got acne around my cheeks and nose and my mom told me to make masks of "Moringa" leaf. But before crushing it and rubbing it all over my face, I searched many journals about Moringa leaves and found out that they have anti-bacterial activity. Abracadabra, my acne is gone!... After that, I really started enjoying formulating skincare based on natural products.


That’s what brings me to EMOTION Master, I hope to expand my knowledge about health and beauty.

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