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Despite the skin products we use daily to improve the appearance of the skin, it is

of great note that our daily bath habits could also impact the overall health of the skin. Take a look at the habits below that may be doing your skin more harm than good.

1. Long use of bath sponge or loofah without changing them:

This materials should be replaced at least within the period of 3 0r 4 months. Long use of this materials can breed bacteria in moist environment. You would not want this to spoil your skin health.

2. Hot water bath:

Long stay in hot water bath actually dries out sebum unlike the cold water bath. It is better to use lukewarm bath, it is more beneficial to the skin as it helps to improve circulation and helps better absorption of skin care products. Avoid extreme temperatures.

3. Extreme exfoliation:

Excessive exfoliating of the skin everyday could damage the skin. This could be dangerous, as the skin exfoliates itself by renewing itself every 28days. It is beneficial to exfoliate 1-3 times weekly, depending on the skin type and if there is any skin condition present.

4. Use of Soap dish:

Using a bar soap instead of a liquid soap could be another option, but the use of soap dish to keep a bar soap may encourage the growth of bacteria. It is beneficial to use a soap dish with holes that could drip off excess water that would remain after use.

5. Dirty Towels:

The use of body towel for a long time without washing them could; breed bacterial growth on them and reusing them without proper washing could breach skin health by increasing the risk of skin bacteria infection.


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