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The Dark Side of Skin Whiteners

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Ever wondered despite having all the qualities as an individual, you will be treated based on your skin colour? Does it sound harsh to you if I say your present, your future and all of your achievements will be evolved around the colour of your skin? I know it sounds ridiculous, but discrimination based on skin colour is not a new thing that we are encountering. Ironically, based on it– skin whitening creams and its market have emerged globally. Today, skin lighteners hold a billion-dollar business. But how far they can work? Do they target every customer in the same way? What is the main mechanism of action and the possible side effects that a person might encounter while using these products? This short video will answer those questions and also enlighten you with the dark side of these creams which we have been ignoring for a long long time!

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