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Have you ever wondered why in the common imagination there are no vampires with wrinkles? Maybe because they drink what some people call “the elixir of rejuvenation” aka: HUMAN BLOOD.

Let us take in consideration some implications of this organic “elixir”: from enhancing collagen to reduce wrinkles, healing wounds, mediating hyperpigmentation, treating persistent acne scars (basically reversing the signs of aging) to fighting hair loss and ovarian rejuvenation for pregnancy. Speaking of all of this, is there something that our own blood cannot do?

And what do we expect to happen if we make our skin drink up (absorb) its own platelets? In fact, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) contains platelets and growth factors indispensable for stem cell production with the ability to correct and restore your natural skin color in skin region that has been marked by scars. Moreover, vascular endothelial growth factors will revitalize your blood vessels to provide you a better oxygen supply. In fact, growth factors will also promote neocollagenesis resulting in a natural youthful “touch” to your face. If you are not convinced to apply PRP alone, you need to know that it can be used to augment the effect of many other treatments like dermal fillers, lasers, microneedling etc. Indeed, the “vampire facials” have rightly taken the social media by storm consisting in a process in which your own blood is taken from your face and centrifuged, finally used along with microdermabrasion. The platelets, in this way, are slathered all over your face to improve the overall general condition of your skin with minimum to zero risk of unwanted or side reactions because it is a part of your own blood.

Another current issue of application is represented by androgenic alopecia, in simple words hair loss that unfortunately affects millions of people around the world with a serious and deep social and emotional impact on wellbeing. PRP treatment enhances molecular cell growth and prevents the cell apoptosis, thus prolonging the hair follicle anagen (growing) phase and preventing pre-mature catagen (ceasing of hair growth) phase.

Moreover, recent research showed that PRP could increase the rate of conception in women with pre-mature ovarian insufficiency in addition to In-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments or even on its own. Since ovarian insufficiency could occur in women depending on the time of conception, to restore ovarian function and manage the hormone levels, PRP is prepared by taking the patient’s blood. Activated platelets are then injected into the ovaries by a gynecologist. This may increase the chance of natural conception up to 40%.

Our organism could be considered as a source of medical remedies able to provide cures for ourselves in many ways and it is evident that our healthy blood could help us solving a lot of problems. This must be taken as a reminder to keep our blood wholesome by being mindful of toxins and other stimulators we intake for a short period of excitement. Our blood is already doing a lot of work for us, we can at least keep it clean.


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