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Want to know how to do better for your skin? Seeking science-backed information about cosmetic and dermatological products and procedures? You are in the right place.


Welcome to the EMOTION Student Project! 

This website is a brainchild of the EMOTION team, run by the students of the program, just for you. Here, we provide relevant information about cosmetic and dermatological sciences, in practical and informative ways. We strongly believe that science should be at the forefront; easy to understand and discussed by all so here we are adding our voice! Our articles, videos and projects are designed to be a distinct ray of light in this vast world of cosmetics.

We are the next generation of R&D leaders in the dermatological and dermocosmetic fields. As a cohort from different backgrounds and countries, we are currently building our knowledge and skills with top expertise provided by the European Master in Translational Cosmetic and Dermatological Sciences (EMOTION) and we want to share that with you. We intend to create a network of awareness about cosmetics and innovation to encourage proper use.

Serving as your access point to the best minds, techniques, research and updated procedures involved in the development of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products that create palpable change for our skin’s wellbeing and health, we know that there is definitely something here for you!

Through our videos and articles, we provide you with bite-sized and relevant information, our blog is a wealth of information about all facets of the dermocosmetic world. The events we partake in give you an insider’s view to what truly happens behind-the-scenes in our industry. You can also know more about each of us via our Student Profile.

We are working on understanding our own connections and using them appropriately to create an open, curious and intersectional mindset in environmental sustainability, dermatology, health, nutrition, medical technologies, and culture. We hope you’ll join us along this journey!


For more information about the EMOTION program, please check out the official website:

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