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The Students 2019

Say hello to the first cohort of the EMOTION master!

Below you can read a little something to get to know us better. Where we are from, what we like and how we are all part of EMOTION. 

Bao Ngoc Nguyen


I was born in a small town in Hanoi (1995). I obtained my Bachelor degree in Biology at VNU University of Science and have 2 years of research experience. I am amicable and love dogs and cats. I like travelling, listening to music, singing and would love to learn how to play the guitar in the near future. Since I have sensitive and problematic skin, I have learned to take care of it and grow a great passion for skincare and cosmetics. This Erasmus Mundus program is an excellent opportunity for me to explore the drug and cosmetic world in much greater depth. 

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Cathy Chi


Hey! My name is Cathy and I was born (1997) and raised in the Netherlands. I love travelling, eating good food, drinking lots of tea and graphic design. From a young age I have been intrigued by the effect of cosmetic products on the skin, but marketing processes also sparked my interest. After a long debate between business or science, I decided to obtain my bachelor’s degree in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences. During my studies I still took on courses in business to broaden my knowledge. After graduating, I gained experience in FMCG marketing, but the science behind products was still on my mind. Therefore, the EMOTION master is the perfect next step for me.

Charlene Denise Yap

I have always been interested in cosmetics. This all started when I was a child and innocently dreamt of making soaps. Upon growing, I realized I wanted to pursue a path related to cosmetics and thus, I decided to pursue a degree in Chemistry. With a desire for continuous learning, I decided to become part of EMOTION! Apart from my desire in cosmetics, I am someone who simply loves to travel and enjoys coffee, chocolates, and pastries.

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Daniele Scalco Vasconcelos


My name is Daniele, and I am a 27-year-old from Brazil. I hold a degree in Biomedicine from the Federal University of Alfenas (Brazil), and part of my studies was held in the United States of America through an exchange program.
My passions are science, traveling, and dogs. The aspect that I love the most about my academic life is the sharing of knowledge and experiences between people from all over the world, which allows me to improve myself as a professional and as a person. I am proud to be part of the first edition of the EMOTION master.

Dimitra Moschou


I was born and raised in Athens (Greece), and as a genuine Greek, I enjoy good food and a good company to share it with. I love volunteering, reading books and playing basketball and I believe in magic as well! Visiting new places, getting to meet all kinds of people and experience new tastes or even hear about various traditions seems a lot like magic to me. Thus, I am really excited to be part of the EMOTION family, as I believe this is the beginning of a brand-new series of adventures!

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Dita Amalia Wijanarko


Halo! My name is Dita Amalia Wijanarko, but my friends and colleagues call me Dita. I’m from Indonesia, particularly the island where the foods are mostly spicy. I graduated from Bioprocess Engineering major in 2015 and worked for an FMCG company for 3 years. I love travelling around the world and I have a special aim to visit every province in Indonesia! Some say I am a cheerful person and I talk pretty fast (apologies for that). Currently I am into diving, trying different kinds of coffee and browsing the aisle to discover new personal care/skincare/makeup products.

Elixabet Lerga Ibarlucea


I’m Eli, from San Sebastian (Spain) and I’m a pharmacist. Previously I did a master in Biomedical Research in Barcelona, and I also worked in a pharmacy for 3 years. Since I am an enthusiastic of the cosmetic and dermatologic worlds, I am very happy to be part of this EMOTION master. I am also very interested in natural products, specially in essential oils, and I like creating my own cosmetics. In my free time I like reading and sewing.

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Gabriela Manrique Vera


Hi! I’m Gabriela Manrique. I was born and grew up in Arequipa, Peru. I graduated as a Biotechnology Engineer at the Catholic University of Santa Maria. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends but I also love to travel around the world and that’s why I ended up spending most of my summers in cultural exchanges and work and travel programs. Recently, I performed an internship at the Technical University of Munich in Germany and I had such a good time so I decided to continue my studies abroad. So, currently I’m studying in Italy as a master student in the EMOTION program and I think it was the best decision I could make. 

Galib Muhammad Abrar Ishtiaque


This is Galib Muhammad Abrar Ishtiaque from Bangladesh having a graduate and post-graduate degree with a major in Pharmacy. While working in the R&D lab for a couple of years, I felt the urge to face new challenges. Erasmus Mundus scholarship, particularly this EMOTION master program gave me the opportunity to explore the intellectual, emotional and cultural exchange across Europe. I am willing to continue my work focusing on bioinformatics, biotechnology or biological sciences. With my skills and expertise, I aim to lead from the front and aspire to kick-off my own start-up in future.

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Irene Martínez Pérez


I was born in Barcelona (1996) but since then I have lived in Cambrils (Tarragona). I am a passionate chemist and a bubbly person. I also love music and water sports, such as rowing, scuba diving, surfing.... During the last semester of my degree, I moved to Leuven where I held my bachelor’s thesis in Organic Chemistry. Thanks to this experience I realised how amazing was going out of your comfort zone, meeting new people and travelling around the world. This is why I wanted to broaden my horizons with this amazing Erasmus Mundus Master.

Maida Etchgoyen


Hi everyone! I am Maida Etchegoyen, and I was born and raised in Montevideo, Uruguay. Since I was a teenager, I have been curious about cosmetics and their effect on skin disorders, and my desire to learn about them increased when I started to study Chemistry and diverse Biological subjects during my Pharmaceutical Chemistry Degree. My experience working in research and development combined with my innate curiosity, arouse my passion to formulate and led me to follow my dreams at EMOTION Master. I love practicing sports and the simple things in life such having a good talk with a friend, being outdoors and spending time with family really warms my heart. 

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Margareta Anindya Christianti


Hi! My name is Margareta Anindya Christianti and I’m from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I am a pharmacist with specialization in Industrial Pharmacy. I have great interest in product development and that’s what led me to my EMOTION journey. Besides, I also like traveling, meeting new people and learning new cultures.

Rebeka Shkurti


I was born in Korçë, Albania (1997) where I passed all my childhood. I moved to the capital, Tirana in 2015 to pursue my passion, where I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology. I am a very sociable and upbeat person, with an unceasing enthusiasm in everything I do. I love traveling, meeting new people and learning new perspectives, that is why EMOTION Master is the perfect fit for both my personal and academic life.

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Rita Bran


I’m from Guatemala City, I have a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, but I’m also a passionate, active and caring person. I like to travel, spend time with my family, friends and dogs, and enjoy a cup of coffee. During my career I’ve had the opportunity to work in the transnational pharmaceutical industry, but I’ve also joined projects in the development of cosmetics while being introduced to diverse fields. I’ve always had interest in cosmetics and the development of natural products. I chose the EMOTION program because it will allow me to achieve the skills and training to integrate in the dermatological and dermacosmetic field at its different levels.

Roman Krymchenko


I was born in Severodonetsk (Luhansk region, Ukraine). I am fond of tennis! I am a curious and assiduous person. During school years I was taking part at different Olympiads and conferences because I like to think critically, discover new things and achieve better results. In 2013 I moved to Kyiv (Ukraine) to obtain bachelor and master degree in Organic Chemistry at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. In 2018 I spent one semester at Uppsala University (Sweden) with Exchange Mobility Program. To tell the truth, that experience inspired me to continue studying drug development which had been the main part of that course.

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Samiha Tamanna


I am Samiha Tamanna from Bangladesh. I completed my Bachelor of Pharmacy with the prestigious Summa Cum Laude from East West University. I pursued my career as the Quality Control Executive of reputed Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Limited, Quality Control Apprentice of Multi-national company Sanofi. I was also appointed as the Teaching Assistant of my University. 
I am compassionate, nurturing, tender-hearted. I want to be a champion for the mistreated. My passions embrace teaching, playing volleyball, travelling, music and exploring the unknown.

Sara Fernandes


I was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1997. When I was fifteen, I moved to Luxembourg where I completed my high school studies. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science at the University of Sussex in England. Dermatology and cosmetics are two fields I have been interested in since a young age. So, when I found out about the EMOTION master, I felt like it was the perfect choice to continue my studies in.  My passions lie in travelling, especially in experiencing new cultures and food! I also love music and spending time with my friends and family.

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