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Trip to Lago Maggiore and Arona, October 17th. #ErasmusDays

The Students 2020

Get to know the students of the second cohort better! 

while we might share similar dreams and aspirations, each one of us is unique in their own way. Read on to discover what drives, inspires and excites us.

Reema Alhwij


Hello! My name is Reema, I’m Syrian, born and raised in Lebanon. For me, nothing is better than a good meal, especially when shared with the right people, where laughter dominates the atmosphere. My fascination with cosmetics and dermatological products began when I was a teenager, I was always curious to know more about their effect on skin disorders. This interest developed further after starting my studies at the pharmacy school. After expanding my knowledge, I became the dermatologist of the family and because I’m passionate about cosmetics, I’m the makeup artist too. Thus, Emotion Master is the perfect next step for my career goals. 

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Rasha Alied


Hey there! I’m 24, born and raised in Syria. Before joining the EMOTION program, I was working as an inpatient pharmacist at a COVID-19 hospital facility in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Even with my scientific background, my true passion is art. EMOTION to me is where I can combine my experiences with what I’m passionate about and hopefully, create something beautiful. Likewise, I enjoy time spent in good company, reading books, and travelling. If you ever lose me, you can usually find me binging a new horror series with a hot bowl of ramen in my room.

Gábor Belák

I’m a Hungarian, medical doctor by profession, moreover, I also studied English Medical and Health Sciences Communication. Previously, I worked as a clinician, I gained experience in the private sector, and I was also a trainee at the European Commission. In my free time I like working out, hiking, and reading.

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IMG_20200523_191017_363 - PRIYANSHU BHAR

Priyanshu Bharadwaj


Hi, I am Priyanshu, an aspiring scientist from India. I like to decipher the spaces between hearts, figuratively and literally. I obtained my degree in pharmacy from India and then flew to France to again decipher the nuances of nanotechnology. My master's in Nanomedicine and Medical Imaging led me to an internship and eventually a full-time job at CNRS IMR 6303, all within a period of one year! All my life, I worked on autoimmune skin disorders, trying to connect the dots, finding courses to match my skill, everything, until I discovered EMOTION. Talking about myself, I love the rain, poetry, coffee, and my mother's food. I also believe in crossing all the limits- socially, personally, or this word lim-

Jelena Bjekic

Hi everyone! My name is Jelena, and I was born and raised in Serbia. My love for science led me to a Bachelor’s and Master's degree in Chemistry at the Faculty of Science in Novi Sad. Afterward, I was appointed as a Teaching Assistant. During my studies, I participated in cultural exchange and work and travel programs where I learned how satisfying it is to travel and make new experiences and friends all around the world. But of course, my dream has always been learning about cosmetics and dermatology so when I saw this program, I instantly knew that this is something I wish to participate in. I chose the EMOTION program because I recognized the same passion for cosmetics and dermatology and because I felt that this opportunity will aspire me to explore new challenges both personally and professionally.

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Darya Bulbenkova


Hello there! I was born in Minsk, Belarus in 1995 where I have lived for all of my life until I got the opportunity to attend the EMOTION Master’s. From mere childhood, I was always interested in humans and how they interact with outside world, so I decided to pursue my Bachelor’s in Microbiology, because it’s a study not only about harmful outside agents, but also a conceptual study about ourselves (can you imagine, we have more bacterial cells than actual human cells in our body!). During my stay at BSU, I discovered a passion for cosmetics and their application in aesthetic as well as dermatological fields. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you I have 2 years of experience in cosmetics production under my belt. I am truly blessed to be a part of this master’s family and looking forward to new knowledge and exciting challenges awaiting us in the future!

Deuel C. Eamilao

When I was a child in Manila, I'd mix random items from the house, because I was eager to discover what the final “product” would be like. This childlike curiosity, my love for science and math, and the charm of my chemistry teacher were some factors that made me pursue Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering. Beyond the field of natural and applied sciences, I gained business acumen from working in an oil and gas company for more than two years, handling posts in management and marketing. Now, I don’t have to choose between science and business, because I can pursue them both in the EMOTION program! Outside of school/work, my interests include travel, music, and languages.

Deuel Eamilao - DEUEL EAMILAO.png
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IMG-20201022-WA0009_2 - ISABELLE ESSOE E

Isabelle Essoe Ebokolo


Hey, I am Isabelle! I come from Douala, Cameroon. It’s where I obtained my Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. As far as I can remember, I have always been passionate about all skin-related sciences. So, after two years of professional experience, I decided to focus on my first passion and join the EMOTION Master. I am a very simple person, that enjoys the simplest things in life like being around my family and friends, music, dance, painting, and cats!!! My aim within this new challenging experience is to get the expertise and scientific tools needed to develop the skin industry in my home country.

Nawaf Estifan


Hi everyone! I'm Nawaf Estifan. I was born in Latakia, Syria. I'm a pharmacist who graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. During my studies, I did an internship as a community pharmacist and got the chance to discover different kinds of medications and how to deal with patients. Then, after graduating, I worked as a medical sales representative for skin-care products. I'm passionate about traveling, discovering different cultures and meeting new people. In addition to that, I enjoy sports (especially running and basketball) and discussing deep topics. My dream was always to pursue a master’s degree in cosmetics, so I'm glad and proud to be a part of the EMOTION master.

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Syeda Kinza Haider Jaffry

I am a pharmacist from Pakistan, I worked in GSK right after my graduation and realized that I love the corporate world and all it has to offer. My emotional health is what drives me in my everyday routine. I love to cook, and I put a lot of effort in what I eat. I’m also passionate about reading, shopping, and travelling. I would describe myself as a hopeless romantic, wanderer and a dreamer. I always try to surround myself with good vibes and energies. Skincare has been a top priority in my life, I usually ruin my skin with different agents and try to make it better with science. Hence, I chose EMOTION for my master’s. 

Leire Larrañaga


Hello! I’m Leire, a 23-year-old scientist. It’s worth mentioning that my scientific background is focused on the field of chemistry, and that my passion comes from my mother who is a chemist as well. She encouraged and inspired me ever since I was a child. The fact that I’ve been travelling and living in different countries made me a more independent, open minded and enthusiastic person. I’m also passionate about cosmetics and when you combine that with my life experiences, you’d understand why I chose the EMOTION Master’s program. Along that, I am an animal’s lover and a strong supporter of the feminist movement!

IMG_20200927_194433_729 - LEIRE LARRANAG
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C360_2020-08-10-09-40-51-660_2 - CHIN YI

Chin Yi Loh


I am Chin Yi, born and raised in Malaysia. I am an active person; hence I enjoy travelling, meeting new people, and getting to know their cultures. I completed my bachelor’s degree in the USA and upon graduation, I’ve stayed for work for 3 years. I didn’t have interest in cosmetics science since a young age like many others, I only discovered this field during my time working in a pharmaceutical company that focused on skin inflammation. I then did some research which increased my interest in skincare and cosmetics sciences. Due to my love of discovering different cultures and my newly gained passion, I ended up here in this EMOTION master

Alejandra Pardo López


Hi! I happily greet you wherever you are, I’m Ale, born and raised in a small city in Mexico called Tepic, near the Pacific Ocean. I have a degree in Biochemical Engineering, which led me to work in the pharmaceutical industry, and incursion in new fields as well. I’m passionate about science, and particularly interested in the development of natural products; I love traveling and languages, this is the reason I consider Emotion the perfect Master for exceeding myself. Family and friends play an important role in my life. I like dancing, trying new hobbies, discovering new places, ways of thinking and living, and sharing experiences with the people I love.

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Vanessa Morales


Hi! My name is Vanessa, and I grew up in Ambato-Ecuador. I love travelling, spending time with my family, practicing sports and learning new languages. In 2012 I moved to Quito (Ecuador) to obtain my bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. During my studies I did different internships in pharmaceutical industries that allowed me to be more involved and passionate about the development of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. I strongly believe that research has the extraordinary power of creating solutions and improving society’s lifestyle therefore I chose EMOTION in order to bring my personal and academic goals one step further.

Daria Di Nicola


Hey there! My name is Daria, I was born (1997) and raised in Italy. I am a very outgoing person; I like socializing and being surrounded by people. I love traveling, listening to music, cooking and... coffee! I graduated from the Maastricht Science Programme, in the Netherlands, with a major in Biology in 2020. I have always been interested in cosmetic products since I have started taking care of my sensitive skin from a young age. Therefore, I consider the EMOTION master program a great opportunity for me to acquire a deep knowledge about the cosmetic world and industry, in order to start working in a cosmetics firm in the future.

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Momen Rbeihat


Passion, inborn leadership, and an adventurous nature have all structured who I am as a person. I am Momen Rbeihat, a Jordanian doctor, having chosen the field of medicine because I am interested in researching as a means to a healthier future. I am a leader, who is passionate about civic engagement and volunteerism. I am a teacher, who has a love for spreading knowledge and empowering people to achieve their goals. I bring together these identities, as well as passion for literature, space and cosmology, classical music, painting, and culinary arts. The variety of countries and cultures in which I have worked and studied have taught me to establish networks of people in whatever context I arrive in, whether rural Hungary or urban New York.

Giuliana de Cassia Relva Izzo Pinto


Hi! My name is Giuliana (but you can call me Giu) and I was born in 1997 in Brazil, where I obtained my degree in Chemistry from University of São Paulo. As I am very curious and hard-working, I participated in four scientific researches, worked as a research assistant at Concordia University (Montréal, CA) and had a professional experience at the German multinational company Henkel. As a typical Brazilian, I am always up to everything, especially when it comes to parties, good food and having people around. Dancing, shopping, and singing are my favorite free-time activities. My passions include dogs, traveling and cosmetical sciences. People usually say that I am very enthusiastic, determined, and friendly. This way, to be part of EMOTION, a program that combines cosmetical sciences with being surrounded by people from all over the globe means to be in the perfect place for me!!

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Shanaya Rodrigo


Hi! My name is Shanaya and I was born in 1999 in Sri Lanka. After 9 months, I moved to Hong Kong and have been living there ever since. I love exploring new cultures through travelling and eating good food, but I am also a homebody who loves to watch Netflix and YouTube. Watching make-up tutorials from an early age initiated my interest in cosmetics, so I decided to combine it with my scientific strengths. I obtained my BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Bristol in 2020 and decided EMOTION was the next step for me to pursue my dream to work in the cosmetics industry (along with my love for gelato). I am really excited to see where this master will take me!

Ivana Sekularac


Hi! My name is Ivana, and I was born and raised in Montenegro. I moved to The Netherlands to complete my high school studies, and then to Canada where I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Forensics. I am passionate about cosmetics and believe there is a lot one can learn from interacting with both students and professors who come from different backgrounds, which is why I think EMOTION is the perfect fit for me. I enjoy photography, traveling, hiking, drinking tea and baking pastries. I am a happy and social person, but if you ever see me sad, bubble tea is all you need to cheer me up.

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Carolina Serrano


Hi everyone! My name is Caro, I am 23 years old and I come from Cuenca-Ecuador. I obtained my Biomedical Engineer degree in 2020 from Yachay Tech University. I consider myself an entrepreneur soul, I am the CEO and co-founder of a small company of eco-friendly diapers called GelWear, current finalist team on the Hult Prize 2020 competition. Besides, I have a high passion for research and development and that is why I decide to continue my studies at Emotion Master. Last but not least, I love dancing and traveling around the world to learn about new cultures. 

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