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The changing face of beauty: A 3D perspective

Beauty lies in diversity, making personalization of beauty products one of the priorities in the world of cosmetics. At some point we have all experienced a lack of options that would fit our needs, whether it is finding a foundation that will suit our skin shade or fitting a sheet mask on our face. An emerging field of 3D technologies may have a promising potential in tackling these issues.

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Advancements in the fields of 3D-scanning, imaging and printing offer highly individualized products. One of the groundbreaking developments in this field is the invention of the portable 3D printer designed to print colorful makeup of your choice (2). This type of printer works by combining carrier material with a pigment approved to be used in cosmetics and in compliance with respective government regulations (3). The feature allowing everyone to customize according to their preferences and creative inclinations is reflected in the possibility of choosing a color from any online source and transferring it into an eye shadow, a nail polish or other product of interest (3, 4). In a matter of seconds, you can have a customized makeup palette printed in the comfort of your home.

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One of the current topics in relation to skin care is the personalization of sheet masks using 3D technology. It relies on facial-recognition technology which results in the creation of a 3D model of your face (5). This model allows for a sheet mask to be developed in such a manner that it fits your face allowing for active ingredient delivery to specific areas of your skin. After taking a selfie and filling out a questionnaire, a scanning device assesses your pores and skin moisture levels in order to create a tailored 3D printed mask to fit your needs (6). This means that a single face mask will contain varying concentrations of active ingredients in designated areas in order to address issues such as acne or skin dryness.

An innovative approach combines the notions of the skin care and makeup by taking advantage of 3D printing to create multilayer makeup sheet mask. Have you ever wished for an easier and faster way of applying your makeup? Then this invention might be exactly what you need. After scanning the facial features to produce a 3D model of your face, the facial makeup mask is printed. It is composed of the base layer, hydrogel layer, primer layer and makeup layer (7). The makeup layer contains the colors of eye shadow, blush, highlighter and lipstick of your choice, and it is accompanied by water emulsion and sunscreen layers. Not only does this invention reduce time spent applying your makeup but it also improves makeup retention time by allowing it to better adhere to the skin surface (7).

Among numerous technological advancements intertwining into virtually every aspect of our life, 3D technology takes a special place in the cosmetic field. With its ability to make cosmetic products more inclusive and highly personalized, 3D technology is indisputably revolutionizing the beauty industry.



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